Muzeiko Reveals the Mysteries of the Black Sea at Park Center Sofia

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What lies thousands of feet beneath the sea surface?

The Black Sea is considered to be one of the world’s finest underwater laboratories due to its considerable unoxygenated layer, which preserves artefacts better than any other marine environment. Reaching into the depths of the seas, and reading the seabed through geophysical investigations, is any maritime archaeologist’s dream.

Join us on a journey of discovery through thousands of years of human history as we explore deep below the surface of the Black Sea. Grab a VR headset and walk on a sunken ship. This is the best way to explore the Lost Worlds exhibit!

Lost Worlds is supported by the Julia and Hans Rausing Trust.

The exhibition is included in the regular ticket to Muzeiko and is for children aged 7 and above.

DATE/TIME: July 16 – September 15

LOCATION: Park Center Sofia, fl.3

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