Education Is A Gift

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For nine years, America for Bulgaria Foundation has worked to enhance the prestige of the teaching profession in Bulgaria in order to provide quality education for all children. Principal and teacher training in the United States, Teach for Bulgaria, ABF – Fulbright English teaching assistants in language schools across the country, Spelling Bee competitions, , support for the Olympic teams in natural sciences, technological modernization of schools through the Schools of the Future project are only a few of ABF’s initiatives in support of Bulgarian education.

Тhis year we created the ABF Education Leadership Academy. The Academy brings home the best of all ABF programs for educators, working in two regional hubs in Bulgaria each year and supporting school teaching teams rather than individual teachers. Thanks to ABF’s outreach over the years, the ABF education family now involves 300 educators (teachers, principals and technology specialists) from 145 schools in 68 towns and villages, who teach 90,000 students. More information and news about the Academy’s work is available here as well as on the Academy website, which is under development.

Education is a gift. May the love for learning and knowledge be with each and every one of you throughout the coming year!