Project Database

April 2020 – April 2024
Business Enabling Environment

Supporting an effective judicial system
Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives Foundation

BGN 905,710

The project builds on three programs initiated by the Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives (BILI) during the prior grant period. 1) The Transparent Judicial Appointments Initiative prоvides for independent public scrutiny over performance evaluation, career development, and leadership formation in the judiciary, thus strengthening transparency, accountability, and predictability in its management. 2) Every year the American Judges for Bulgaria Network brings to Bulgaria several US judges, prosecutors, and/or legal experts for a series of meetings and a collegial exchange of ideas with their Bulgarian peers. 3) Participants in the Fellowships for Bulgarian Judges at the Federal Judicial Center, Washington, DC, have a chance to do hands-on research for one month on a topic of interest, learn more about the federal judicial system, and establish professional contacts with peers.

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