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We help communities in need in Bulgaria.

About the Fund:

Working with the financial support of Bulgarian, American and international businesses, and individuals, the Bulgarian Donors Forum, America for Bulgaria Foundation, the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria and the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria have united efforts to establish the “United against COVID-19” Response Fund to support local communities across Bulgaria during the current crisis. The aim is to provide financial assistance to Bulgarian organizations that are working with communities most severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

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Sofia, May 15, 2020

“United against COVID-19” Fund Donates over BGN 1 Million

to Projects Supporting Communities across Bulgaria

An open letter from the Bulgarian Donors Forum, America for Bulgaria Foundation, U.S. Embassy and the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria to present the activities of the United Against COVID-19 Relief Fund.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Donors Forum, America for Bulgaria Foundation, U.S. Embassy and American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria united efforts and established the United against COVID- 19 Relief Fund. We appealed to our members and partners to make unconditional donations to the fund so that we could respond quickly and effectively to the urgent needs of Bulgarian society.

We established the United against COVID-19 Relief Fund with the confidence that joint philanthropic efforts are the best way to support people and institutions, deliver effective remedies, and build greater capacity to meet urgent needs.

The Initiative. On April 9, 2020, the Bulgarian Donors Forum, America for Bulgaria Foundation, U.S. Embassy and American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria announced the establishment of the United Against COVID-19 Relief Fund. Guided by its mission “to help communities in need in Bulgaria,” the Fund established as its goal to financially support the most vulnerable groups across the country affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Transparency. For maximum transparency to donors, applicants and other stakeholders, we created a dedicated website: that includes detailed information about the Fund’s mission, objectives and governance; the donors and funds raised; the application requirements and application form as well as information about the approved organizations.

Donors. To date, the Fund has raised BGN 1,006,475, donated by 44 donors – companies, foundations and individuals – from March to May 2020. They can be found on the website and are mentioned below.

Applicants. The Fund administered the application process on a competitive basis, with two calls for proposals.  The Fund targeted medical institutions, municipalities, civil society organizations, community centers, schools and micro and small businesses with ideas for how to support people affected by the crisis. The maximum funding per project under the rules of the Fund is BGN 10,000.

The Fund received 693 applications in the two rounds. Most of them – 303 – were from nonprofit organizations, followed by 110 municipalities and 100 community centers. Fifty-five hospitals and 26 other medical institutions also applied. Most of the proposals came from small towns. One hundred organizations offered activities with regional or national scope.

Supported projects. The Fund approved a total of 106 projects, as follows:   28 hospitals and 7 smaller medical establishments; 15 municipalities; 37 civil society organizations; 9 community centers; 2 schools; and 8 micro and small businesses. Through the Fund’s financial support, the recipient organizations procured medical and personal protection equipment, food and medicines for elderly people, children without parental care, the unemployed, homeless, victims of domestic violence, and other vulnerable groups. The list of approved projects from both rounds can be found on the initiative’s website

Reach: The Fund will provide assistance to 700,000 people, according to estimates provided by the approved organizations. The projects are in 82 locations (44 small towns, 26 villages and 12 regional centers) throughout the country.

 We are confident that the Fund and its donors made a significant contribution to national and local anti-crisis efforts. The examples of collaborative efforts throughout the country are unprecedented and demonstrate the vast potential and impressive commitment of Bulgarian society.

Thank you to the generous donors to the United against COVID-19 Find: The Coca-Cola Foundation, America for Bulgaria Foundation, ContourGlobal Maritza East 3, NEPI Rockcastle, Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation, ING Bank NV, Progress Software, Citibank, Johnson & Johnson Bulgaria, UniCredit Bulbank, Glavbolgarstroy, MSD Bulgaria, TELUS International Europe, Tsetska and Grozdan Karadjovi, Svetozar Georgiev, Trust for Social Achievement, AES 3C Maritza Iztok 1, Paraflow Communications, Mylan, EXL Servise Bulgaria, Blagotvoritel Foundation, AIG Europe SA (Bulgaria branch), Fadata, Meglena Rusеnova, Green Step Club, Rossen Ivanov, Krassimir Nenov, Titan Machinery Bulgaria, and sixteen individual anonymous donors.

These were challenging times for all of us.  We witnessed remarkable real-life stories of kindness, humanity and solidarity. We thank the United against COVID-19 donors for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate how people and businesses can fulfill their civic duty and lend their support to alleviate medical and equipment shortages and support medics, vulnerable populations, and needy families.


The Bulgarian Donors Forum

America for Bulgaria Foundation

American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

U.S. Embassy in Sofia

Multi-Profile Hospital – Silistra AD | Silistra | 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital – Tutrakan | Tutrakan | 10,000 lv.
Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Pneumo-Phthisiatric Diseases “Dr. Dimitar Gramatikov” | Ruse | 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital “St. Ivan Rilski” – Razgrad AD | Razgrad | 9,990 lv.
Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Hematological Diseases | Sofia | 10,000 lv.
University Multi-Profile Hospital | Burgas | 9,996 lv.
Specialized Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases | Pernik | 7,888 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital for Active Treatment “St. Ivan Rilski” | Gorna Oryahovitsa | 9,708 lv.

Home for Adults with Mental Disabilities | Tri Kladentsi | 2,000 lv.
Primary Care Clinic Dr. Sebahat Mehmed | Chernoochene | 8,000 lv.

Dobrichka Municipality | 10,000 lv.
Aitos Municipality | 10,000 lv.
Lom Municipality | 9,940 lv.

Professional Training and Key Competencies Association | Vratsa | 9,400 lv.
Elisay Association | Harmanli | 10,000 lv.
Bulgarian National Bagpipers Association | Smolyan | 9,950 lv.
Mission Wings Foundation | Stara Zagora | 10,000 lv.
Sauchastie Association | Varna | 9,225 lv.
PULS Foundation | Sofia and Pernik | 9,900 lv.
Bulgarian Mothers Movement Foundation | Sofia | 7,000 lv.
Dobrota Association | Blagoevgrad | 9,300 lv.
Vazovtsi Association | Varshets | 8,000 lv.
Center for Public Support | Stambolovo |10,000 lv.
Health and Social Development Foundation | Sofia | 10,000 lv.
Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration & Day Care Center for the Elderly | Dimovo and Archar | 9,200 lv.
Touch Happiness Foundation | Butan, Glojene and Harlets | 9,860 lv.

Community Center “Prosveta – 1925” | Lozen | 7,077 lv.
Community Center “Bratstvo – 1860” | Smyadovo | 9,975 lv.

Vocational School of Nuclear Energy “Marie Skłodowska – Curie” | Belene | 10,000 lv.

Art Studio Love EOOD | Slokoshtitsa | 10,000 lv.
Iconsult BG EOOD | Batak | 10,000 lv.
Diana and Co. OOD | Stara Zagora | 1,100 lv.

The second and final round for applications for funding under the United Against Covid-19 Response Fund is now closed. The deadline for submissions was April 27th, 6:00 pm.

A total of 256 project proposals were submitted.

Type of Organizations
120 NGO
41 Micro and small businesses
36 Chitalishte (community centers)
32 Municipalities
12 Hospitals
8 Other healthcare facilities
7 Schools and school boards
Location of execution of the projects
71 Small town
69 Regional center
51 Village
42 Nationwide
23 Sofia

Multi-Profile Hospital, Omurtag – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital, Pavlikeni – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital, Elin Pelin – 9,850 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital “Tsaritsa Joanna”, Provadia – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital “St. Nikolay Chudotvorets”, Lom – 10,000 lv.
University Multi-Profile Hospital Prof. D-r Stoyan Kirkovich, Stara Zagora – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital “Ivan Skenderov”, Gotse Delchev – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital, Byala Slatina – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital, Belene – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital, Galabovo – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital “Dr. Assen Shopov”, Zlatograd – 9,500 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital Sveta Petka, Nova Zagora – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital, Chirpan – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital “Dr. Angel Peshev”, Teteven – 8,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital “Dr. Kiro Popov”, Karlovo – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital, Dulovo – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital, Aytos – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital, Svilengrad – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital, Veliki Preslav – 10,000 lv.
Multi-Profile Hospital “Life +”, Krumovgrad – 10,000 lv.

Medical Center Tervel EOOD, Tervel – 10,000 lv.
Center for Adults with Mental Disabilities, Kudelin – 9,000 lv.
Protective Home for People with Physical Disabilities, Bregovo – 3,000 lv.
Protective Home, Patitsa – 8,400 lv.
“Dr. Maria Stefanova” Clinic for Individual Practice for Primary Care, Yambol – 5,460 lv.

Dimovo Municipality – 10,000 lv.
Ardino Municipality – 8,700 lv.
Avren Municipality – 10,000 lv.
Kuklen Municipality – 10,000 lv.
Botevgrad Municipality – 10,000 lv.
Zlatograd Minicipality – 10,000 lv.
Malko Tarnovo Municipality – 10,000 lv.
Knezha Municipality – 9,500 lv.
Veliki Preslav Municipality – 8,500 lv.
Shabla Municipality – 9,971 lv.
Berkovitsa Municipality – 10,000 lv.
Pavel Banya Municipality – 9,000 lv.

Future for the Children Association, Kazanluk – 10,000 lv.
Faithful Steward Association, Burgas, – 10,000 lv.
Asthma Patients Foundation, Kukorevo – 6,920 lv.
Septemvri – Roma Foundation, Septemvri – 10,000 lv.
Ravnovesie Association, Burgas – 9,100 lv.
Non-profit Organizations Club Association, Targovishte – 9,230 lv.
Green Strandja Association, Malko Turnovo – 9,979 lv.
Sun for All Association, Peshtera – 10,000 lv.
Generation Foundation, Lom – 9,793 lv.
Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley Association, Karlovo – 6,000 lv.
Friends of Gorski Senovets Association, Gorski Senovets – 10,000 lv.
St. Nikolay Chudotvorets Foundation, Dobrich – 10,000 lv.
Future for Krepost Association, Krepost – 7,470 lv.
Give a Smile Foundation, Dimitrovgrad – 9,360 lv.
Fire and Rescue Volunteers Plovdiv-112 Association, Plovdiv – 8,000 lv.
LARGO – Kyustendil/Liberal Alternative for Roma Citizen Unity, Kyustendil – 10,000 lv.
First June Association, Byala Slatina – 9,000 lv.
SOS Families in Risk Foundation, Varna – 9,800 lv.
Northwest Project Foundation, Lyutibrod – 10,000 lv.
World Without Borders Association, Stara Zagora – 5,000 lv.
Center for Humane Policies Foundation, Sofia – 10,000 lv.
Center Maria Association, Gorna Oryahovitsa – 7,550 lv.
St. Andrey Social Association, Varna – 10,000 lv.
Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria Association, Sofia – 10,000 lv.

Community Center Ivan Vazov-1941, Sratsimir – 5,000 lv.
Community Center Vasil Petleshkov-1874, Bratsigovo – 5,000 lv.
Community Center Probuda-1929, Gorno Alexandrovo – 8,015 lv.
Community Center Saglasie-1882, Osmar – 7,000 lv.
Community Center Razvitie-1898, Oreshak – 9,900 lv.
Community Center Sabuzhdane-1927, Radievo – 10,000 lv.
Community Center Roma-Vazovo-2007, Vazovo – 8,830 lv.

Anton Strashimirov Primary School , Bohot – 9,264 lv.

Micro and small enterprises
Tarnava BG EOOD, Gabrovo – 6,490 lv.
LogisCare Bulgaria EOOD, Gabrovo – 9,750 lv.
BabyRama EOOD, Varna – 9,900 lv.
Social Home Dobrevtsi EOOD, Dobrevtsi – 10,000 lv.
Symbol of Hope EOOD, Gotse Delchev – 4,752 lv.

20 April – The Second Round for applications for funding under the United Against Covid-19 Response Fund is now open. The deadline for submissions is 6:00 p.m. on April 27. The applications submitted under Round One are currently being reviewed and the results from the latter will be announced on April 27th (see the Timeline section below)

The First Round for applications for funding under the United Against Covid-19 Response Fund is now closed. The deadline for submissions was April 16th, 6:00 pm.

A total of 437 project proposals were submitted.

Type of Organizations
64Chitalishte (community centers)
44Micro and small businesses
18Other healthcare facilities
4Schools and school boards
Location of execution of the projects
126Small town
108Regional center

Apply for Funding

Bulgarian legal entities, including non-governmental organizations, social enterprises, chitalishta, hospitals, municipalities, micro and small businesses (in case of pro bono work in service of vulnerable groups during the current crisis) are eligible to apply.

We encourage applications from organizations that service the most vulnerable community members: isolated elderly people, children and youth in need, single parents, victims of domestic violence, homeless people, those with chronic illnesses, persons with special needs, resident care homes, doctors and medical workers, among others.

We are not able to fund individual or family requests, nor direct business needs.

After the operating board approves a project, a funding agreement is signed with the Bulgarian Donors Forum and the funds are transferred to the awarded organization’s bank account via bank transfer. Upon completion of the project, each awarded organization is obliged to present a report on executed activities and expenses incurred.

Unsuccessful applications under the #StandingTogether funding program of the U.S. Embassy and America for Bulgaria Foundation need not apply under this program. The applications, which meet the eligibility criteria UNITED against COVID-19 funding program will be considered automatically.

Awarded applicants under the #StandingTogether funding program of the U.S. Embassy and America for Bulgaria Foundation may apply for funding from the UNITED against COVID-19 program only upon completion of their #StandingTogether project(s).

Support will range from BGN 5,000 – 10,000, based on scope and relevance of needs.

Permissible costs are described in the application form. Non-governmental organizations, social enterprises, micro and small businesses, and chitalishta, are eligible to include 20% overhead in the requested budget.

Applications will be accepted in two rounds.

Round 1:
Application Beginning Date: April 9, 10:00 am
Application Deadline: April 16, 6:00 pm
Announcement of successful projects: April 24, 10:00 pm

Round 2:
Application Beginning Date: April 20, 10:00 am
Application Deadline: April 27, 6:00 pm
Announcement of successful projects: May 5, 6:00 pm

The application process for the second round is now closed. For further information, please read the Timetable section below. Thank you.

Donate to the Fund

United against COVID-19 has already collected BGN 1,006,475 from generous multi-national and Bulgarian companies, organizations and individuals in the first round of fundraising. We continue to encourage unconditional charitable donations to support response efforts in Bulgaria. Critical needs remain, and your support will help make a difference in the lives of Bulgarians in need. 100 percent of your donation will benefit meaningful initiatives throughout the country.

Donate via bank transfer to:

United Bulgarian Bank
IBAN BG06UBBS80021026072940
Bulgarian Donors’ Forum

Fund Management

The Fund is managed by an operating Board of Founding Members including:

  • Krassimira Velichkova, Executive Director, Bulgarian Donors Forum
  • Desislava Taliokova, Executive Director, America for Bulgaria Foundation
  • Petar T. Ivanov, CEO, American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria
  • Representative of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia


For questions, please email:

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