Cultural Heritage and
Nature Tourism

While relatively unknown outside its Black Sea resorts, Bulgaria offers unique historic and cultural attractions that can appeal to domestic and international tourists. ABF seeks to develop cultural heritage and nature tourism by improving select sites, helping communities design meaningful tourist experiences, and improving branding and outreach to tourist markets.

Tourism development is also a way to revitalize communities, empowering individuals, groups, and organizations to assume shared responsibility with business and government to solve community issues.

GOAL: Engaged communities contribute to economic development and vibrant community life through tourism development and other initiatives in order to overcome negative demographic trends.

We support initiatives that:

  • Boost tourism. ABF works to develop sustainable cultural heritage and nature tourism supported by the private sector, local authorities, and communities.
  • Use tourism development to enhance community involvement. Through tourism development, ABF hopes to improve the quality of life in supported communities and decrease migration.
Cultural Heritage