Business Enabling Environment

Rule of law and transparent and accountable public institutions are essential contributors to the development of a healthy private sector and the growth of foreign direct investment.

For Bulgaria’s businesses to thrive, the court system and law enforcement authorities must fairly and consistently apply the laws to ensure an environment where all have an equal opportunity to compete.

GOAL: An environment where all businesses have a fair and equal chance to compete and succeed.

We support initiatives that:

  • Improve the legal and regulatory environment. For the private sector and the general public to trust the legal system, the courts, the prosecutors’ offices, and law enforcement must apply the laws honestly and fairly. We support programs that help increase professionalism in Bulgaria’s judicial system.
  • Encourage the transparency of government institutions. Transparency in public spending and accountability of public institutions are proven deterrents to corruption. We support programs aimed at countering corruption and increasing accountability and transparency in public life.
  • Boost independent media. The free flow of information and ideas creates an environment in which the private sector can thrive. We support media outlets and journalists that abide by high ethical standards and support an environment that is conducive to freedom of expression and pluralism of opinion. ABF partners with Bulgarian organizations and individuals who stand for trustworthy media and fact-based debate, and who oppose the corruption and manipulation of information.
  • Foster civic engagement. A high level of civic engagement supports private sector growth, as vibrant civil society groups help advocate for quality public services, which contribute to developing and retaining the human capital that businesses need. ABF supports the development of civic organizations and promotes a culture of philanthropy and volunteerism.
Business Enabling Environment