Bulgaria Needs 20,000 More IT Experts Right Now! Here’s Step One …

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Ninety percent of jobs in the foreseeable future will require some level of digital skills. Yet only a third of Bulgarians are digitally literate, according to a report of the open digital development network EDIT.bg.

The founders of Telerik Academy have made it their mission to reverse the negative trend by improving the digital competence of young Bulgarians. For the purpose, they have developed a series of courses and programs targeting 4th to 12th graders from across the country. The programs will allow students to enhance their logical thinking and programming skills. Thanks to the America for Bulgaria Foundation, participation will be free for all qualifying students, as the Foundation shares Telerik Academy’s values and aspirations to see Bulgaria fulfill its digital promise. With ABF support, in the next three years, more than 5,600 students from 13 cities will attend academy programs.

Established in 2009 by Telerik founders Svetozar Georgiev, Boyko Iaramov, Vassil Terziev, and Hristo Kosev, Telerik Academy is one of the most successful educational projects in Bulgaria. Since its inception, more than 11,300 people have received training on-site, and 42,500 users have used the academy’s learning resources online.

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