Change Is in Your Hands

The fourth edition of the US Embassy in Bulgaria’s “The Power Is in You” campaign features four NGOs demonstrating ordinary Bulgarians’ initiative: Teach for Bulgaria, TimeHeroes, Citizens, and Residence Grandma. The first two are long-standing ABF partners. 

Video transcript:

“How does change happen in a community?

TimeHeroes is a place on the internet that connects causes and volunteers in the easiest and quickest way possible, so that everyone can find a cause to donate their time to, and nonprofits who need support can find volunteers.

Literally, this is like a meetup site, but one that matches causes to people.

TimeHeroes has matched more than 55,000 volunteers to nearly 1,800 causes across Bulgaria.

They often ask us what the typical volunteer is like, and I can never give an answer because among the 55,000 volunteers, there are some who are seven years old and there are also people who have been in retirement for some time, yet they continue to donate their time and sometimes their skills. So, there is no age limit for volunteering.

I think sometimes, in Bulgaria, we feel frustrated by a feeling of powerlessness, or we think nothing depends on us. The truth is there are small ways in which each one of us can move in the direction in which they want to see us all going.

I think volunteering is the right way to go because it is a way to overcome the feelings of powerlessness and despair, because it gives you concrete things to do this weekend or this month. No, these things are not going to change the world and most likely won’t change everything we don’t like in the country, but they will get us going in this direction.

TimeHeroes are “heroes of time” because they donate their most valuable resource. We all have 24 hours in a day; how we choose to spend our time is our personal choice.

I think the future of Bulgaria depends on a healthy balance between discontent and action.

If you participate in change, it will come to be.

The power is in you.

The US Embassy in Bulgaria celebrates the strong Bulgarian spirit.”

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