The Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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The Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE) is an active community of entrepreneurial young people, who met during their participation in the ABF-created and funded Bulgarian Young Leaders Program (BYLP). In 2011, they established a nonprofit to serve as a platform for their ideas and spur leadership and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. The organization has many projects and initiatives to increase awareness of the opportunities offered by entrepreneurship, transfer skills to early-stage entrepreneurs and leaders, and encourage more people in Bulgaria to become entrepreneurs. With the help and financial support of ABF, ABLE created ABLE Activator – an entrepreneurship accelerator aiming to build an entrepreneurial mindset among young Bulgarians, increase the number of entrepreneurs and startups, and accelerate the development of Bulgaria’s startup ecosystem. Another ABLE program, supported by ABF, is ABLE Mentor, which trains high school students in core professional skills and prepares young leaders to start new business ventures.  To date, ABLE has more than 300 members; offers 10 different programs which have trained more than 1,000 participants; has created more than 50 startups; and organized more than 250 events with over 10,000 attendees.