Did You Just Call Me Tree? Learn My Name with Muzeiko in a Box

A Christmas tree is not a type of tree? Shocking, right! What we call a Christmas tree may in fact be a young fir, spruce, cypress, pine, or cedar. Do you know what each looks like? Do they all have cones? What’s a conifer? What does a dendrologist do?

Find the answer to these questions and bring some holiday cheer to your home with Muzeiko in a Box.

What’s Muzeiko in a Box?

Muzeiko may be temporarily closed, but you can still play and learn with Muzeiko in a Box. It is a gift for the entire family that is at once fun and educational. The gift set will take both young and experienced explorers on a journey through the history of Christmas and tree decoration; teach them how to tell the age of a tree; and show them what tree ornaments people used 400 years ago.

In true Muzeiko fashion, explorers will learn by doing: Muzeiko in a Box will help them install their own electrical circuit to create a light-up Christmas card!

Look no further if you seek a present that brings the family together and makes science accessible and fun for all.

Order Muzeiko in a Box online or by visiting the Muzeiko Store. Explorer families will love the fun, educational offerings at the store, and parents will appreciate the 20% in-store discount throughout December.

About Muzeiko

Created by the America for Bulgaria Foundation in 2015, Muzeiko is the largest children’s science museum in Southeastеrn Europe. Visitors can explore three levels of exhibits with more than 130 interactive games and activities, a maker space, a planetarium, and traveling exhibits, all designed to pique visitors’ curiosity about science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

Explorers move through time, beginning with “The Past,” which features exhibits interpreting archeology, geology, and paleontology. The ground floor is “The Present,” represented by hands-on exhibits about the natural environment and contemporary cities. The top floor is dedicated to “The Future” with interactive exhibitions exploring cutting-edge technologies and space travel.

Developed by leading Bulgarian and international scientists, educators, and designers, Muzeiko’s content and design are based on the theory of learning through play and applied activities, multiple intelligences, suggestopedia, and other techniques for accelerated learning and expanding children’s potential.

Muzeiko is temporarily closed but will reopen once the pandemic restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, visit Muzeiko’s Facebook page to view fun and educational science experiments.

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