Three Ways Lidl And Muzeiko Make A Difference On Sundays

There is a world that we never get tired of exploring. In it, miracles can happen. It is full of adventures and transforms us into the people we must always strive to be – inquisitive, inquiring, excited and enthusiastic learners. This is the world of children. To make this world even more exciting, colorful and fulfilling, Lidl Bulgaria has begun its biggest initiative for children – “Lidl – for Your Child.” This initiative has two important goals: to contribute to the fulfilling and healthy growth of children and to help parents care for them. How to do this? Lidl gives the following answer – focusing our efforts on three key areas.

The first involves a balanced diet. Chocolate may be every child’s favorite food, but we adults must show them how fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables are, and that the milk “mustache” can be great fun.

The second area is sports, because happy children are active children. That is why they need to move as much as possible – run, jump, play, always be active.

Last but definitely not least, we need to look at education and talent development, because every child has to discover the world and the secrets it holds for her/himself. There is nothing more enjoyable for adults than guiding a child on this adventure.

Lidl Bulgaria has found the most faithful supporters and partners in these three areas – Muzeiko, the first Children’s Science Center and a place that provokes kid’s natural curiosity, the Teach for Bulgaria Foundation, which works for quality and motivation in education, and the BG Be Active Association, which never tires of encouraging children to be more active. We have united our efforts around the most significant cause – giving children a rich and fulfilling childhood and broadening their horizons.

The partnership between Lidl Bulgaria and Muzeiko is the first step in the direction of talent development. The result is Lidl Sunday at Muzeiko. Every second Sunday of the month, children and their parents can visit the center for just BGN 2. With the help of “Lidl Sunday at the Museum,” the vast world of science becomes even more accessible to young and old alike.

A total of 13,000 children and their parents visited Lidl Sunday in the first six months of the initiative. The kids embarked on a journey of exciting experiences, plunging into the world of the Smurfs, discovering the secrets of letters, becoming nature’s most loyal friends and embarking on mountain adventures. Of course, many other fabulous things await them in the editions to come.

The world of children is infinite and boundless – if you want to be a part of it, you must always be prepared with different games and challenges. That is exactly what Lidl Bulgaria does. In the future, the company will continue to work for fulfilling and happy childhoods with new and exciting surprises.

Author: Raya Sineva, Junior Consultant Internal Communications, Lidl Bulgaria 

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