The Story


Interactive Exhibition

September 30 – October 8

National Palace of Culture

Hall 4 (ground fl.)

Free Еntrance

The Story of &

Some dreams are left only to our imagination,
while others cut through our doubts and hesitations to find their place in reality…Let’s continue the story of & together…

An Interactive Exhibition

Inspired by Partnerships
15 years America for Bulgaria Foundation

September 30 – October 8

National Palace of Culture, Hall 4 (ground fl.)

Working hours:

Monday – Friday from 12 pm to 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm
The interactive experience starts every 20 minutes.
The last one starts at 7:20 pm.
The interactive experience is in Bulgarian. The English-language session is at 8pm, for up to 15 people.

About the Exhibition

The Story of &
We live and we dream.
We work and we learn.
We develop and we move forward.
After 15 years in Bulgaria we are proud of the multitude of projects we have supported and the partnerships we have made.
All the Bulgarian organizations we have worked with have shown us what it is to be a pioneer in your field.
At the beginning, we helped with ideas, visionary spirit and indomitable optimism.
Now we are in awe of the Bulgarian successes, unwavering courage and international recognition.
We continue together.
The America for Bulgaria Foundation & partners. The story of &.

If you would like to know more about
the projects and organizations that inspired
the “Story of &” and the shared 15-year journey,
read our stories:


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The story of “&” continues…

The exhibition was designed with the talent and creativity of:​


…and featuring artists Tekla Alexieva and Kapka Kaneva, Maestro Maxim Eshkenazy, actors Vesselin Rankov, Kate Nichols, Kristina Veroslavova and Chuck Brown.

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