A One-Way Ticket from Denver to Chavdar, Please

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The demands of corporate employment and a commuter’s life in a large US metropolitan area for over a decade gave Mariya Tsacheva’s family a craving for the peace and quiet of rural life and the flexibility of self-employment. When their dream of moving from Denver, Colorado, to Mariya’s birthplace—the small Bulgarian village of Chavdar—finally came true three years ago, there was one obstacle: fresh bread wasn’t available in the village! The obstacle quickly transformed into a business idea, and today the family owns the region’s only artisan bakery.

Mariya is a geography teacher, and her husband had worked as a manager at a large brewing company, so initially neither of them knew anything about baking bread. It took them more than a year to acquire the necessary knowledge and permits. Today, Provence Bakery makes the most delicious bread in the region. Both locals and visitors from as far away as Sofia appreciate the quality and are regular customers.

This is Mariya’s story:

Mariya Tsacheva (Bakery) from America For Bulgaria Foundation on Vimeo.