Schools of the Future

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Schools of the Future

Schools of the Future is a program of the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF), which creates new-generation technological learning environments at Bulgarian schools. The Foundation supports projects that transform learning spaces into contemporary education centers where teachers and students engage in practical, real-life projects, experimental and interactive work, and use a variety of technologies to advance student results.

Each new learning center has a unique focus and makeup, addressing the needs and vision of the particular school. Hence, the Schools of the Future comprise educational centers focusing on STEM disciplines, foreign languages, Information Technology, multifunctional spaces, and exploratoria for the youngest learners.  By equipping students with the skills that would make them successful in any future profession, the ABF supports the development of Bulgaria’s private sector, fuels the growth of the high-value-added industries, and empowers local communities. 

The Schools of the Future also encourages local philanthropy by asking schools to fundraise 25% of the total project cost. Over the past nine years, the Foundation has invested BGN 9.4 million in 85 schools around the country. This support has been matched by additional BGN 3.1 million in donations and in-kind support from local and multinational businesses, parents, current and former students, municipalities, and the local communities.