#ATTHEMUSEUM 2017 Is Super Cool!

Bulgaria’s museums and art galleries have earned the country a special place on Europe’s cultural map. However, America for Bulgaria Foundation wants to show that the museum is also a good choice for a family weekend or an art class outside the classroom… No matter how old or how busy you are, be cool and spend some time #ATTHEMUSEUM!

#ATTHEMUSEUM 2017 is the second edition of the #ATTHEMUSEUM Awards presented annually by America for Bulgaria Foundation to the museums and art galleries that really stand out and make a difference. Because, you know, the museum is a cool place to be and not only in summer…

This year’s ceremony took place at the House of Humor and Satire in the Balkan town of Gabrovo in central Bulgaria….

And the winners are….

The Dobrich Art Gallery won the big prize in the Best Partnership category with their project Speech and Sound – the fruit of some hard teamwork of four kindergartens, six schools and four summer schools in the city. The program has so far benefited more than 1,200 kids from all over the country.  The prize in this category was presented by Mrs. Tanya Hristova, Mayor of Gabrovo.

The National Museum of Military History was declared the Most FamilyFriendly Museum in Bulgaria for their project Fathers Day at NMMH. The award in this category was presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetla Dimitrova, Director of the Etar Ethnographic Open Air Museum.  Nadia Zaharieva, Program Director of the Arts and Culture department of America for Bulgaria Foundation, gave the first prize in the Most Active Children Involvement category to the Friends of the Sea Club in the northern coastal city of Varna for their project Sea Camp for Children, aimed at providing better integration opportunities to underprivileged children through free lessons in various seaside activities and sports – free diving, basic scuba diving training, sailing, etc.

Their other program, Sea Academy, is aimed at providing better employment opportunities to underprivileged youth from Varna and the smaller towns at Bulgaria’s northern seaside through the organization of various certified qualification enhancement and vocational training courses.

In recognition that doing a great deal with scarce means and resources means a lot, America for Bulgaria Foundation encouraged the local library, part of Svetlina Cultural Center in the village of Trud with the sum of BGN 1,000 for their determination in keeping the embers of art and culture in the region glowing throughout the past year.

The members of the jury were as follows: Krassimira Velichkova, Director of the Bulgarian Donors Forum, Yana Buhrer-Tavanier, co-founder of the TimeHeroes Volunteer Platform, Olga Kovgan, Program Director of the Programata culture guide, Iva Taralezhkova, president of the Citizen Participation Forum, and Vesselka Voutkova, Director of Corporate Communications at Vivacom. 

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